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Welcome to
Nestegg Interiors
Nestegg Interiors was born on a whim and a wish. I had always dreamt of owning my own little place; a quaint shop with a small-town vibe and welcoming feeling.
When a space opened up in one of the oldest buildings in my hometown, my intuition whispered in my ear, “This is it, Kelly” (HINT – always listen to those little “whispers” in life, as they will never lead you astray). After that initial thought is when God’s plan literally began to unfold before my eyes. With his help and the support of my family and close friends, I was able to quit that “normal job” and began to put all my energy and focus into transforming a small dream into a real life business. After a lot of hard work and determination, Nestegg Interiors officially opened in June, 2015.
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