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A little story about us
As a small child, art and painting were activities I genuinely enjoyed, and most people close to me would agreed, I was good at it. The words of encouragement I received wrote on the slate of who I was in the most positive way. I went on to obtain a degree in Marketing Management with a focus on merchandising. During and after that time, I worked in various retail management positions, of which I truly loved. After having children, I realized that the time commitments that went along with managing a large retail store were far too great. Therefore, I decided to seek out a more “normal” work schedule and found a receptionist job at a local bank. However, it wasn’t long before I realized that I wasn’t a “normal job” kind of person.

Nestegg Interiors was born on a whim and a wish. I had always dreamt of owning my own little place; a quaint shop with a small-town vibe and welcoming feeling.
When a space opened up in one of the oldest buildings in my hometown, my intuition whispered in my ear, “This is it, Kelly” (HINT – always listen to those little “whispers” in life, as they will never lead you astray). After that initial thought is when God’s plan literally began to unfold before my eyes. With his help and the support of my family and close friends, I was able to quit that “normal job” and began to put all my energy and focus into transforming a small dream into a real life business. After a lot of hard work and determination, Nestegg Interiors officially opened in June, 2015.

After being open for just one year, I was pleasantly surprised to realize that I could no longer stay in that little building I had come to love, because business was booming and I needed more space! After an exhausting hunt for the perfect retail location, I found more than I could have ever asked for in our new space located in downtown New Cumberland, PA, which is now the forever home of Nestegg Interiors.

When not in the shop painting or decorating, I can almost always be found with my tribe -- my husband and two daughters. They are the light of my life. Raising our daughters them has been both an honor and a blessing. I pray I can continue to be an example to them that they can live out their dreams, no matter how big.

Havens Family Portrait
Kelly Havens On A Swing

Since 2015

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Nest; (noun) a snug retreat or refuge. A resting place; Home
Kelly Havens
The Nestegg Values
Discover the Nestegg Way
Giving Back
Kindness and giving back to the community has always been the most important values in my life. It only makes sense that these would be the most important values within my business as well. As Nestegg’s success continues to grows, I strive to ensure that it spills over into our community.
This value is constantly in the forefront of my mind when selecting products for both our physical store and website. I have a passion for supporting local artistry whenever possible and I strive to seek out only quality products to carry the Nestegg name.
Never Stop Inspiring
I want Nestegg to be a space that will never stop inspiring people to act on their ideas, be more creative, and to never stop having fun. Inspiration comes in many forms, and as one of my core values I always want to inspire people to be more, do more, and pray a little more.